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Junk Email

Got old, spammed email accounts?

Rescue all your old email addresses you gave up due to the overwhelming spam and junk email on these accounts.

Block Junk Email with human email confirmation.

Protect your kids!

Check & protect your kids' email account from unsolicited emails and other junk email.

Approve or disapprove each and every email sent to your children's email account.

Control all your kid's in just one account!


Free Spam Blocker
free spam blocker

1) Hundreds of spam and junk emails together with some real emails reach your spammed email account

2) We at download all your emails to our own server. 

3) Then, we send a confirmation email  to each and every email we received. The email sender must confirm his/her sent email. Otherwise, it will never reach you. This procedure will block junk email from the real emails.

4) After successful confirmation from the email sender, we forward the email to your private email account.

It's that easy!

No more Junk Email!
No more Spam Email!

The free spam blocker!




Welcome to the latest, spam email blocking solution provided by

This spam email solution is based on human re-confirmation, making it very hard if not impossible for spammers to reach you or your kids.

Any time your email account receives an email, it must be re-confirmed by the sender before it is forwarded to your private email account.

No machine or automated service can pass this re-confirmation test!

This way you are never going to see unsolicited junk email and spam emails anymore.

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-Connect up to 5 POP3 Accounts

-Email max size is 2MB

-Holding for 30 days in InBox

Version: Beta 0.15 (2006.05.20)