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Welcome to, the leading spam blocker on the Internet, reducing your spam email and junk email.

During the last 10 years myTrashMail has evolved to one the biggest email providers, specializing in temporary email and anonymous email. If you do not use temporary email, you are missing the No.1 spam blocker ever invented. And hey, it's completely free!

Specialized Free Email Services

Google, Hotmail or Yahoo provide superb free email services; however, they don't provide throw-away addresses, which are essential for fighting spam. There will be never a 100% perfect spam filter, but by using temporary email to block spam, you can protect yourself before you even receive all that junk.

A spam blocker eases the pain of spam, temporary email cures it. Services

Temporary Email - Your best choice to block spam (new spam) from your private email account.
Temporary Secure Email - The same service as temporary email but password protected.
Anonymous Email - Send 100 % anonymous email
Fake Email - Be anyone. Send web email to anyone, anytime from anywhere.
RSS Email - Include myTrashMail direct into your newsreader via RSS interface. 
Block Junk Email - Rescue your old spammed email accounts with this human verification service.