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What is
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Is free?
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What are the key features of
What happens to my email after a certain amount of time?
What is the size of my email account at
Do you collect or sell email addresses?
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What is

The primary mission of is to fight spam with its free, temporary email service. Think of it as a spam blocker.

Anytime you need a temporary fake email address, you can use our free service at

Do I have to sign up?

No! The primary function can be accessed without any registration and password. If you wish to use more advanced funtions such as Secure Temporary Email, Anonymous Email or automatic forwarding, you need to register. 

Is free

Yes, the main functions (temporary email and secure temporary email) at are 100% free.

For advanced functions like forwarding we ask our users to upgrade to our PRO version..

Note! You can get a free upgrade by linking to us, inviting your friends.   See here

How can help me?

By using our service, you can tremendously decrease your spam emails.

By using temporary email at, you can sign up for various services, demos, forums, etc. that require email confirmation, without worrying that your email is abused by spammers.

You are also anonymous to us because you never have to sign up for this service. We also do not store any IP addresses.

What are the key features of

  • use any email name you want
  • no sign up or password to remember
  • forward/delete emails
  • hypertext enabled
  • email stays to between 5 to 30 days in your account  
  • every account can hold up to 4MB
  • email size is limited to 2MB per email

These figures can change over time.

What happens to my email after a certain amount of time?

Your email stays on our system between 2 hours and 3 days. If you upgraded to the PRO Version you can set the Hold-Back Time up to 30 days.

What is the size of  a single email account at

Every email account is limited to 4 MB total size.  No email may be greater than 2MB

If your account reaches 4MB, older emails in this account are deleted regardless of how long they stayed in your account.

In short the less size your emails are, the longer they last in your account.

Do not use to share pictures or other big sized files!

Do you collect or sell email addresses?


Can anybody read my emails at

Technically, yes, and this is true especially for common names like,

In these commonly used account names you might find emails from other users. If you aren't worried about others reading these emails, that's great!

If you want more privacy use more specific names like

By using more specific names, the chances are very small that anybody will ever find your account name. You should not use temporary email service for emailing your credit card numbers, bank account numbers and other critical information.

If you are concerned about security, use secure temporary email.

Other Security Issues

Never download or forward other peoples's email. These emails could contain viruses or other malicious scripts. Download and forward only your own emails.