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Is spam illegal?

In a word: No.  Ask yourself: What do I find in your mailbox?: Daily Newspaper, a letter from mom and a McDonalds free drink coupon. Do you consider this "McDonald free drink coupon" as spam?  Spam is only illegal if it promotes an illegal product or service.

There is a spam law. However, since laws differ from country to country, what is considered legal in one country may be illegal in another. As a result, spam sent across political borders is not affected by these new laws.

Spam legislation is pending in the U.S. and Europe that would make the mere act of sending an unsolicited commercial email illegal in the absence of an existing business relationship. The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial email (CAUCE) applauds the tough proposed European legislation,

Spam laws are a sign from governments around the world. It politicians recognize the fact that spam is a problem and enact laws. However, the legislation is not the only solution to the spam epidemic. While most of these laws have enforcement provisions, these are not so easily carried out.

One of the most comprehensive spam law resources is It covers all spam law related issues worldwide.


Spam Criminals (Spam Gangs)

Over 90% of spam received by Internet users in North America and Europe is coming from a hard core group of around 200 known spam operations. These spam operations consist of an estimated 500-600 professional spammers loosely grouped into gangs ("spam gangs"), the vast majority of whom are operating illegally, and who move from network to network seeking out Internet Service Providers ("ISPs") known for lax enforcing of anti-spam policies.

These are the spammers you definitely do NOT want on your network.

Have a look at  Rokso List List where spammers are listed with their names


Spam News

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